Initials EP

by Eli & the Itches

On "What A Funny Feeling" Pearl webs stories together like a mix between Nick Cave and the sardonic sense of humor of Father John Misty, with a touch of the melody of "Hey Jude" 's reprise. Pearl chronicles the less celebrated residents of L.A.’s underbelly. The album touches upon bad cops, some interestingly androgynous girls, a sci-fi femme fatale, and a paranormal mistress to name a few.  

Pearl grew up in Venice Beach, feasting on hefty portions of glam rock, soul, and was already by his teenage years playing in bands at L.A.'s most prestigious venues. After becoming an in demand musician in L.A. (Including a two year stint with songwriter/producer Linda Perry) Pearl decided it was time he put his focus back to his own music and recorded his first full length solo album bringing his demos to veteran producer Luther Russell. Over the course of fifteen days they re-recorded12 of the songs and completed Pearl's eponymously titled album “Eli & The Itches”. 



'Eli & The Itches' the debut EP 'Initials EP' from L.A. Native Eli Pearl, explodes out of the darkest corners of the mind of Pearl, leading longtime LA musician Linda Perry to exclaim, “I could write a novel based on Eli & The Itches, you would find it under‘Sci-Fi Fantasy Horror”. 

- Linda Perry